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Security and Privacy Policy

1. Security

PortugalGolfBooking.com is managed by CNIG - Conselho Nacional da Indústria do Golfe, registered tax number 503515361, with head office at Edifício da Administração de Troia, Ponta do Adoxe, Carvalhal, Grândola, which handles user data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation.

Whenever a user registers on PortugalGolfBooking.com and makes a golf reservation, we collect and retain any personal information provided voluntarily. We will only use personal data to process the reservations or purchases of services by the user, purely for statistical purposes, and for newsletters with information and promotions of the platform itself. If users don’t provide us their data, we will not be able to process reservations or purchases.

The contacts between PortugalGolfBooking.com and the users will be made to the e-mail address provided by each user.

The user hereby irrevocably authorizes PortugalGolfBooking.com to transfer his or her personal data to the golf course in which the reservation is being made, as well as all the information obtained during the reservation process. When we send your data to the golf course, we will indicate that it should only be used for the exclusive purpose of entering the contractual relationship.

PortugalGolfBooking.com ensures the confidentiality of all contacts and information provided by the users, golf courses and operators and assures that it will not share or commercialize its database to externals parties.

2. Database Protection

2.1. General terms

Under General Data Protection Regulation, we are obliged to inform users as follows:

The owner, CNIG - National Counsel of Golf Industry, registered tax number 503515361, is responsible for this database.

CNIG’s head office is located at Edifício da Administração de Troia, Ponta do Adoxe, Carvalhal, Grândola.

CNIG ensures the confidentiality of all data provided by its users. Data collection is carried out under stringent security standards that prevent its loss or manipulation.

PortugalGolfBooking.com collects personal data for reservation purposes and for statistics, and we are committed to protecting user privacy and security in the processing and maintenance of personal data. The data is thus processed based on need for performance in a contract in which the data subject is a party. We may also use personal information to send newsletters with information and promotions of the platform itself, within the scope of our legitimate interests in our pursuit of the disclosure of our products.

The data will also be used for the fulfilment of legal obligations, namely for the fulfilment of fiscal and accounting obligations.

The booking data shall be kept for a period of ten years. The tax and accounting data will be kept for the period of ten years requested by law. Contact information for newsletters will be kept until the user tells us to continue sending the newsletters.

In accordance to the applicable law, all users of PortugalGolfBooking.com have the right to access, rectify, erase, limit treatment, right to oppose treatment, namely the use of data to send newsletters and portability right of your data. In addition, the user may at any time express his or her desire not to receive any information, thus using his or her right of opposition.

Furthermore, each user can express at any time his or her rights, in writing, to the head office located at Edifício da Administração de Troia, Ponta do Adoxe, Carvalhal, Grândola, or by e-mail to support@PortugalGolfBooking.com.

You also have the right to submit a complaint to the national control body, the National Data Protection Commission.

We do not precede any profile definition, nor are there automated decisions.

All workers at PortugalGolfBooking.com who are involved with data treatment are committed to secrecy and confidentiality obligations.

2.2. User registration

The user registers himself by completing a form with his personal data, entering the system with an e-mail address and a password defined by himself. This personal data will only be used for reservations and statistical purposes.

2.3. Reservation

The reservation by a non-registered user implies the supply of a name and an e-mail address. Optionally, users may supply a telephone number that will only be used for contacts related to that reservation.

The reservation implies the supply of the players’ names and optionally their handicaps.

This personal data will only be used for reservations and statistical purposes.

2.4. Payment

Any time a transaction is made that implies a confidential data information exchange, users are automatically sent to a secure server zone. Your browser detects this by seeing a URL address, https compatible and you will see a padlock icon at your browser.

This collecting process is carried out in accordance to best procedures and practices, granting necessary data encryption between different access ways to the site and as well as to its server. Any of the information gathered through this process does not allow any connection between the User IP address, with the purpose of checking personal data.

All buying/selling transactions are legally made through the Golf Course where the reservation has been made.

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